Vishuddha, the throat center, is situated at the juncture of the spinal column and medulla oblongata, or more generally at the base of the throat and is related to the thyroid.  The seed-sound is HAM. 

The throat chakra internally works through the endocrine system, specifically with the thyroid, parathyroid, and hypothalamus. The   external physical property is the mouth. The natural intuitive sense is the sense of hearing.

This is a pure and mild center in that it poses no dangers upon being opened whereas other centers—except the heart—can awaken powers which we may be tempted to misuse for selfish purposes rather than for the fulfillment of God’s Will.

Its functions are to bring the minds thoughts and intuitions into physical manifestations. It governs communication, ideas, hearing, speech, creativity and self-expression. 

One with mastery over this center develops the capacity to offer divine messages to the world through music, art, literature and other mediums. 

externally and internally, but with true hearing one is able to translate tone, frequency, force and inflection for the true intended message.

Connected with the throat chakra are issues concerning truth and the ability to express oneself. It is somewhat linked to relationships and the person’s ability to express himself openly to those for whom he cares. The throat chakra also covers a person’s trust issues and capability to speak objectively and truthfully.

Balancing this chakra is important for speaking with confidence, truth and opening the communication areas of the brain. An unbalanced throat chakra manifests as poor communication, speech problems and ignorance.

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