The terms below describe what you can and cannot do with free or custom artworks downloaded from

You are free to:

• use my artworks as videos for devices of yourself, your friends and family;

• do anything else that suggests personal use.

You can use my artworks on your website (blog) if this site is personal, not business or organization:

• clickable link to is required on each page where my products used;

• my artwork should be hosted on your server – do not link to images on my server.

Without my explicit written permission, you cannot:

• use my artworks in your business( for a special product contact me)

• sell my artworks in any way;

To get such permission, contact me and describe where and how you’d like to use my artworks.

You absolutely cannot:

• use my artworks in any way without giving credit (linking) to Motionlives

• use my artworks as part of design that you sell to others.

If you have any questions, please contact me.