Svadhisthana, the spleen chakra, is situated in the region above the genitals. The mantra for awakening this chakra is VAM. 

The body systems of this chakra are the reproductive system, the circulatory system and the excretory system. Its functions control desire, sexuality, pleasure, procreation, fear, socialization, creativity, emotions, and the instinct to nurture.

 This chakra regulates the ocean of fluids in the human body and constitutes the essence of the individual’s personality.  This chakra stands for a person’s capability to love. One with mastery over this center acquires the power of love; the ability to love and be loved by all of creation.

Connected with the heart chakra are issues concerning inner peace, joy and love. It is also linked with compassion, forgiveness, platonic love and empathy.

Balancing this chakra improves sexual vitality, physical power, fertility and creativity.  It enhances the ability to give unconditionally, love unconditionally, change unconditionally and assimilate new ideas. An unbalanced sacral chakra is evidenced in overindulgences, sexual dysfunctions, confusion, jealousy, envy, possessiveness and infertility.

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