Anahata, the heart center, is situated in the region of the physical heart but it is aligned in the center of the chest. Its functions govern the auto sensory faculties, the ability to be compassionate, the healing components of the body and the success and failure of relationships.  The mantra here is YAM. 

The heart chakra internally works with the regulation of the heart, veins, arteries, lungs and thymus gland system and the nervous system. The external physical properties include the movement of the limbs. The natural intuitive sense of the solar plexus chakra is the sense of sight. The heart center is related to perpetual motion and is said to be the seat of the individual soul.

This chakra stands for a person’s capability to love. This energy center is connected with emotions, particularly the ability to give and receive love. Connected with the heart chakra are issues concerning inner peace, joy and love. It is also linked with compassion, forgiveness, platonic love and empathy.

Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system. It increases the effects of spiritual love and universal oneness. An unbalanced heart chakra is expressed in depression, dysfunctional relationships , feelings of guilt , and other negative emotions.

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