Video GIF4Video Editor for several years, I approached the world of motion graphics to improve my work (creo entender qu epuedo poner tanto work como career, prefiero work).

 Learning on my own, I created simple animated backgrounds as a practice and then I used them as wallpapers, animated gifs, or videos for decorating, taking advantage of the capacity of new digital frames to display looping videos.  I think that actually any screens can also be a decorative element. Keeping this idea in mind I decided to create this website in order to offer people the opportunity to give their photos a new life and explore other ways to highlight them.
For now, I only offer video montages in certain formats but my intention is to eventually increase the supply of these over time. Little by little.

I’m starting up, so if you have any ideas, opinions or remarks, please feel free to use the comments section or contact form. Thank you very much for vistiting my site!